I put this outfit together for my 7th rez day which happens to be today. Yes, seven long years. I wasn’t fully present in all of them but I did enjoy the time I was here. Second Life has come a long way and is way more enjoyable than when it was all shiny and new.  I went for a winter theme since my name is Winter; it just seemed appropriate. I have used Winter as part of my online identity for years so this may be a recurring theme. Though I am not a fan of the extreme cold I do love the holiday season as do many people. Winter to me signifies the end and beginning of the life cycle. A time to let the bygones be bygones and start anew. A time to go reflect and go forward. A time to remember all those whom you love.

Winter Is Not Far Away



~~~~~~~~~~Style Card~~~~~~~~~~
Hair: Windblown III in Snow by EMO-tions
Makeup: Cold as Ice by Madrid Solo
Gown: Edelweiss Winter Edition Gown by Purple Moon Creations
Snowflake Skirt: Snow Skirt by Boudiour
Nails: Perfect Lock Nails by Trendy Dolls
Jewelry: Winter Drops White Earrings and Necklace by Finesmith
Jewelry: Ajisal Bracelet by Chop Zuey