I submitted these photos to the Finesmith Muse 2014 contest. Most of this outfit came together in a very short period of time. It all started with the hair which I found at the Second Life Hair Fair this past weekend. So within an hour everything just fell into place except the wings which came later. In any case, I chose to represent Lilith because it would be the most fitting for my look. The hair, jewelry, wings, all represent the duality of goodness and evil that Lilith has come to represent in the minds of people though the ages.

I don’t actually think she is evil by the way. She is just misaligned that way by men and women who despise her. She is a seductress, independent, free thinking, magical and powerful. Legends say she is the mother of all vampires… because she would seduce men and then drink their blood; and if I were her I could live with that. :P





Lilith - NP






 ~~~~~~~~~~Style Card~~~~~~~~~~
Hair: Rocker Hair in Mocha by Nikita Fride
Eyelashes: Catwalk Lashes by Miamai
Eyeliner: Cat Liner by cStar Limited
Earrings: Love Doesn’t Grow On Trees Earrings by FINESMITH
Choker: Noir Collar by FINESMITH
Wings: Eclipse Wings by Bare Rose
Bracelet: Noir Bracelet (worn as an armband) by FINESMITH
Nails: Noir Spike Nails by FINESMITH
Corset: Diabolique Corset by Indyra Orginals
Tutu: Dark Fairy Tutu by Gizza
Shoes: Lilly Shoes by Redgrave