The DiorStyle Contest hosted by The Creative Loft was the first modeling contest I entered in SL. I did this before being formally trained as a model at Amici. One of the contest sponsors, Red Jess showed us the basics and from there it was up to us to put together an outfit that mimicked the style of Christian Dior. We submitted photos of our inspirations and then we did a catwalk in front of the judges to show off our inspirations and creation.


Here is my entry picture:

My photo entry into DiorStyle Contest

My photo entry into DiorStyle Contest












~~~~~~~~~~Style Card~~~~~~~~~~
Hat: Sabrina Chapeau by Couture Chapeau
Hair: Hair Knot-Dark by Redgrave 
Earrings: Simple Pearl Earrings by C. K.
Necklace: Pearl Necklace by Son!a
Dress: Mesh Nolita Dress by Maitreya 
Handbag: Dol Handbag in Black/Silver by BeloD
Gloves: Paloma Noir Kidskin Gloves by Indyra Originals Couture
Shoes: Cathy by Redgrave


And here are my inspirations:

Christian Dior Inspiration

Main inspiration for my Christian Dior outfit












Christian Dior Inspiration 2

Second inspiration for my Christian Dior Outfit













Christian Dior Purse Inspiration

Inspiration for the purse I’m carrying.













Here is a photo of me modeling it at the show:










And here is the photo of the top 3 winners. I won 2nd place.


Winners: 1st Place Lord Thunder, 2nd Place: Winter Zhukovsky 3rd Place: Wrenoir Cerisse